Sunday, September 28, 2008

Through the eyes of Austin

On Cody and Meridith's wedding day Austin was itching to take pictures so I gave him my camera and told him to have at it! It's funny to see the wedding from Austin's point of view! My only regret is that I deleted some of the good ones before I thought to do this blog! this might be my favorite picture!

No...maybe this one!

Nope...this one definitely wins!!! It took my a second to figure out this was Nate!

I think Maile may have grabbed the camera and taken this one?

All the kids loved the candy jars!

And of course a nice blurry picture of the happy couple with dad and mom O.

That pretty much wraps up the wedding pictures that were on my camera!

I will have to snag a few off the blogs to add to my collection!


Carl and Pat said...

Candid shots are the best! Good job, Austin. Such a fun night that was!

Thomas Family said...

That is hilarious. I love this post.

Mrs. B said...

I LOVE the one of your dad!