Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Yesterday Ben had the day off so we went to the Pali Highway Lookout. When my parents were here they kept telling us we needed to go because it was so beautiful. I took a picture of the historical description because I thought it was cool...especially the last paragraph!
The lookout point was definitely beautiful!!!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

GARAGE SALES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Last weekend was "baby day" in our neighborhood and everyone was selling their old baby stuff. The neighborhood didn't plan it that way but somehow it turned out to be the best garage sale day ever! My neighbor came knocking on my door Saturday morning and told me I needed to get my booty out of bed and get shopping. I begged and begged Ben to get in the car with me and drive around the neighborhood. After much resistance he agreed to drive me around and listen to me freak out at each garage sale we came to. Here is all the stuff we scored!!!
Baby swing
Ben practing fatherhood in our new umbrella stoller.
My FAVORITE purchase! This bassinet is like 5 things in one! It's a bassinet, changing table, rocker, it plays music, and vibrates. The lady who owned it still had all the new stickers on it along with the instruction manual and all!
Barely used car seat for Ben's car
Stroller / Carseat combo
Butterfly play mat....I bought this with Carrie in mind! Maybe I'll sacrifice this one and mail it to her!

As you can tell...I am a true Bell at heart. I just kept thinking how proud Aunt Barb would be of me and all my good deals! When we got back home Ben said to me, "I'm sure glad your not one of those girls that has to have brand new everything!" I'm all about a good deal! I also scored a highchair and a playpen. Here is the real kicker...I got all of this for about $100!!!