Thursday, September 25, 2008

Just a few random pictures!

I am WAY behind on blogging so here are a few random pictures to keep everyone entertained while I sort through my pictures so I can do more good blog updates.
Baby Kai looks so tired as we ride the train at the Dole Plantation!
I've discovered that I can't catch Kai smiling with my camera because the flash scares him way too bad. I just get lots of pictures of him looking terrified!
Cody and Meridith's wedding
Shocker....Mom is holding Kai! =)
This use to be Kai's favorite chair but he informed me the other day that he is over it!
The fam waiting in line at the Dole Plantation to ride the exciting train!
Yip...they still look just like each other!

Stay tunned for more exciting updates!


Kellie said...

I can't believe how big Malia's boyfriend is getting. He's adorable! Malia and I are saving our pennies so we can come see you.

Natalie Service said...

Um...Malia's boyfriend? I don't think so. He has Oram blood...that means he potentially is really TATEM'S boyfriend. Just wanted to clear that up!

Kami - He is such a cutie! Good work! I can tell he is cousins with Cash - or - atleast the bold head and perfect skin makes them look alike.

And he does look like his daddy! It looks like you guys are enjoying him. And, I might add, you are looking good! Have fun with that cute little baby of yours.

Carl and Pat said...

Cute little guy; cute parents! So happy for the blog. (What's with your dad's knee?!!)

akstelling said...

Oh my goodness.. he is getting sooo big!