Thursday, May 10, 2007

Catalina Island

Our first port was Catalina Island. The ship can't dock right up next to the island so we had to take little shuttle boats from the ship to the dock. These are the fun little "shore boats" that we took to get to Catalina.

This is Catalina Island from the dock. It was a pretty cloudy day when we first got there but it was still beautiful!

You can see our ship way off in the background. I had to wear Ben's jacket because I didn't bring a jacket or sweatshirt with me. I was convinced that it was going to be at least 90 degrees the whole crusie! It is that "power of positive thinking" that I inherited from my mom!

We went on a glass bottom boat tour and it was still just a tad bit chilly! Ben is just so cute in this picture I could resist posting it!

This is the glass we looked through on the bottom of the boat as we fed the fish!

Catalina Island is BEAUTIFUL!

Another purdy picture!

I took this from the top of a building and I just thought the boats looked so cool!

This is the famous Casino on Catalina Island! Back in the day people use to travel in from all over to attend the big dances that were held here. The building is huge and beautiful! They have a big ballroom on the top floor and the woodwork is amazing! If you ever go to Catalina you have to do the tour of the Casino.

Ben...looking oh so cute again! The sun finally came out and Ben ended up getting a little sun-burned! That's a red head for ya!


nalani said...

Those are some beautiful pictures!!!! Fun for you!

Pat & Carl said...

Good thing you saw Catalina Island when you did before the fires started! Love the glass-bottom boat shot. Keep the blogs coming, Mr. & Mrs. Petty!

Maile said...

Holy cow, awesome update. I love it. You guys look like you had a fabulous time. Lucky ducks.

ianwill said...

You two make a cute couple. Now you guys can feed the Sister missionaries. Remember not to prepare fondue. :)

Pat & Carl said...

Okay--honeymoon's over--time for an update!!!

Brian & Arika said...

Kami! Hey girly...I'm blogging now (thanks to you!)
Talk to you soon! (P.S. you looked so freaking gorgeous at your wedding!!!!)

Richard & Sharon said...

Update you blog you slacker!!