Monday, May 07, 2007


For our honeymoon we went on a crusie to Catalina Island and Ensedana. When we arrived at our room I discovered that Ben had arranged for a bouquet of roses to be sent to our room for. There were also rose petal spread out all over the bed. Awww...precious!
Every night we were greeted by a new towel animal! This is our friendly pet dinasour!
Don't worry...this snake doesn't bite!
Awww...precious...a heart!
My personal favorite...the elephant!
I was so excited about the towel animals that I bought a book to teach me how to make them all. I bet you all can't wait to be a guest at our apartment so you can find a towel animal waiting for you on your bed! Ha ha ha!
Don't worry...there are more pictures to come...


prbell said...

I kinda like the dinosaur myself. Land Before Time-Part II.

Sounds like a fun're now officialy old married folks.

Uncle Phil

nalani said...

That Ben is quite the romantic! Your cruise room looks way nicer than the one we had for our honeymoon! I'm so excited you bought that book on how to do those towel animals.

Curtis and Shandy said...


Maile said...

Those animals are amazing.