Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'm obsessed!!!

I am officially obsessed with taking pictures of Kai!!! I downloaded all the pictures from my camera today and realized that every single one of my pictures where of Kai!
I just can't help it when he is so dang cute!
At least I include Ben in some of them!
He's practicing being Superman for Halloween!
Look at what a big boy he is sitting on daddy's lap!
Oh my gosh...that smile makes me melt every time I see it!
He is crazy about his tongue!
Okay...seriously...how could you not love that face!
This is his cooing face! I love it!!!
One last heart melting smile!!! This makes me want to pinch his cheeks just looking at it!
Sorry Nalani but I think Kai wins for cutest baby ever!!!


Amelia said...

he's getting so big SO fast!

I've been outta the loop in checking blogs and couldn't even believe how big he is!

Hey FYI... Robin might be trying to get into the U of Hawaii's nursing program!

Carl and Pat said...

Okay, he and Cash tie AFTER Cameron!!

Thomas Family said...

I seriously can't wait to see him again. He has gotten SO BIG. He's adorable. -Maile

Meridith Oram said...

Cute pictures Kami! He is getting so big. You have to post some pictures of him in his Halloween costume!

Cameron Family said...

I cannot believe how big he has gotten. I have to say he does look a lot like Ben, but I am seeing a lot of Oram in him latley. Such a cutie!