Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Ben and I had one last "Hoorah" in California before he had to ship out.
We went to SeaWorld in San Diego and it rocked!

The Shamu show was my favorite! I was ticked that it was so short!

Here's Shamu gearing up for a big splash to the audience!

Awww...cute little sealions!

She seriously stood on top of the whale and rode around the tank on it's head!
No one is allowed to leave Disneyland or Sea World without eating at least one churro!


prbell said... I know where I want to go on vacation...and churros too...what a deal!
So, when do you guys ship out?

Uncle Phil

Curtis and Shandy said...

Okay we will be visiting you in February of 09. Put us down in the reservation book.

Pat & Carl said...

Time for an update, Kami!! What's the latest with the move?