Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My friend Kelmy took my camera around with her all day so here are some of my favorite pictures that she took at the temple right after the wedding!
Awwwww....the happy couple! Quinn and Taylor are precious!
Awwwww...the happy couple...wait....what???
I think Quinn was stealing the show looking so cute in that little tux!
What is it with my Elivis face? Someone really should have told me how stupid I looked making that face all day long!


Carrie said...

I feel like I need to explain that picture of Jed and I... Karmen was demonstrating the art of pointing the flowers towards the camera instead of straight up and down. She took a picture of each method and then showed us the difference so we would understand.
There, I feel better now.
Welcome back!!

Kami said...

Ha ha ha! I knew there had to be a good story behind it!

Maile said...

Mom and dad said they had a great time in Cali and you made it back safe and sound. They said you had a blast on your cruise. What a great way to start you marriage. Look forward to seeing more blogs of you and Ben.

nalani said...

OK, Carrie and I have always been close and I would share just about anything with her....BUT not my husband!!! Good thing I believe her story that they were just demonstrating flower holding!