Sunday, October 08, 2006

This blog entry is dedicated to Uncle Carl!!! This is one of his favorite places on earth!

When I discovered that we needed to take a trip to the Transfer Station to take a load of garbage out of the new house I instantly thought..."Perfect Blog Opportunity!"
All loaded up and ready to go!

Transfer Station Entrance!!!
Houghton Transfer Station & Recycling Center!
Waiting with much anticipation for our turn on the scales!
It cracked me up that they have to post a sign that says no cell phones!
Can you see the excitement on this man's face?


nalani said...

Kami you're finally catching on to this whole blogging thing!!! I'm sure Uncle Carl will love these pictures!

Pat & Carl said...

Oh Man! How I would liked to have been along on that trip. As you recall, I could hardly unload garbage from my (or Richard's) car/truck/trailer because there was so much excitement going on. I like the "claw" picture. I also liked the big garbage trucks when they dumped their load. Good job Kami! (Carl)

Cody Oram said...

i thought for the longest time that it was called the 'transient' station. i went with dad and cody one day to take a load and when i called it the 'transient' station, they thought i was crazy. good times!

Clarks in Orem said...

When me and Curtis were first dating, I went with Carl to the transit station. That sure put me on his good side really quick. I bet Carl doesn't like them as much here in Utah because they don't have the big crane. Pat misses the trees and water of Seattle and Carl just misses the crane.

Pat & Carl said...

...and you can see the green trees through the sides of the transfer station. I think it's interesting that the transfer station is located in Bridle Trails along with all the fancy-schmancy horse (excuse me--equestrian) trails and big homes. Good job, Kami! (Pat)