Monday, October 23, 2006

San Diego!!!
Ben and I went to San Diego on Friday and had a blast!!! It's only about 2 hours from my house so we made a real fun day trip out of it! First we went to IHOP (because they only have those in San Diego...ha...ha...ha), then we headed to the Aquarium, the temple, and the beach. We then took a little tour around Coronado Island and headed back downtown San Diego where we ate at a kick booty Mexican restaurant! It was soooooooooo good but I forgot to take a pic of us!

I love eating at IHOP for some strange reason! They have the best cinnamon roll french toast ever made! I seriously love it!

Oh how scary! The shark is eating us!

The San Diego Aquarium sits on a cliff that overlooks the is beautiful!

The San Diego temple looks like a castle! It is way cool but it's really hard to get far back away from it to get a very good picture of it. It sits right next to the freeway and is surrounded by apartments, condos, and office buildings!

The beaches in California are amazing! This was our attempt at taking a picture of us on the beach. I guess you can kinda see the beach but we are just such a dang cute couple that I had to add this picture anyways!


Pat & Carl said...

(from Aunt Pat) Great update, Kami!! I've always wanted to go to San Diego. And, yes, you are a way cute couple. what is the latest, anyway?

nalani said...

That looks like a way fun trip. I LOVE San Diego! It's one of my favorite places in the world!

Carrie said...

First of all, I can't wait to meet Ben!
Second of all, I have never been to San Diego and I've always wanted to go, but now I REALLY want to go!
Good job on the update!

Cody Oram said...

how precious!! i can't believe you didn't go to sea world and you were in san diego. and i love coronado. lucky you!!!

Maile said...

Ok forget San Diego, let's focus on you. You look so cute. Ben must think you are a hotty with a naughty body. Gonna Party Party Party!