Friday, February 27, 2009

Ever since Kai was just a few months old he has loved to roll and play with his tongue.

Just ask Nalani, she will tell you how "freakishly long" it is!

He is just so cute I can hardly stand it!

Here is one of his favorite faces he likes to make!
And of course, I have to throw in a cute picture of his cousin Cashy!
Kai has finally gotten to the point where they can play together and Kai won't bawl hysterically when Cash makes a loud noise! He was a little dramatic there for a while!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

FOB Falcon

Well this is my first time posting. I hope you like it. This is part of the office that I work in. SGT Jones works at the far left desk. Can you see the blue tape dispenser on the desk?
 This Picture is of the street outside the building where I used to live down the road on the left goes toward the gym and DFAC (Dining Facility).

 This is the hallway outside of the room I had when I first got to FOB Falcon pretty ghetto huh? 

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ben told me the other day that he checks the blog every day and is getting sick of looking at the same pictures!  I guess that was a hint to update the blog!  Here are a few random pictures to keep Ben happy for awhile!  Cash and Kai are finally getting use to each other but Cash loves to pick on Kai and Kai hates it!  Here is a good example of Cash pulling Kai's hair.  Kai immediately started screaming after this picture was taken.
Kai loves to suck his thumb!  Especially if he is drinking his bottle!  He slips his thumb between his lips and the bottle!  What a nerd!
How can you say no to that cute face?
Cash, once again, poking at Kai in the face.
What good eaters...they already love fruit!
Bathtime was the best...for Cash anyways!  Cash splashed and splashed, and Kai screamed and screamed!  He was not a fan of sharing the tub with Cash!
There you go Ben!  That should keep you happy for a few days!