Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ben told me the other day that he checks the blog every day and is getting sick of looking at the same pictures!  I guess that was a hint to update the blog!  Here are a few random pictures to keep Ben happy for awhile!  Cash and Kai are finally getting use to each other but Cash loves to pick on Kai and Kai hates it!  Here is a good example of Cash pulling Kai's hair.  Kai immediately started screaming after this picture was taken.
Kai loves to suck his thumb!  Especially if he is drinking his bottle!  He slips his thumb between his lips and the bottle!  What a nerd!
How can you say no to that cute face?
Cash, once again, poking at Kai in the face.
What good eaters...they already love fruit!
Bathtime was the best...for Cash anyways!  Cash splashed and splashed, and Kai screamed and screamed!  He was not a fan of sharing the tub with Cash!
There you go Ben!  That should keep you happy for a few days!


Cameron Family said...

I'm with Ben....MORE UPDATES PLEASE! They are so cute together and will be the best of friends before you know it!

Audrey Simon said...

Yay for Ben! I've been checking up on you too. LOL That Kai is one cute kid. I love the close up you got of his face! Can't wait for the next update. ;)

THE SKIS said...

OMG Kai is gettingso big and is changing so much. He is looking more and more like you everyday!Can't wait to see you!

Thomas Family said...

Yes, I am so glad you feel guilted into updating cause I check your blog all the time for updates too.

Ben said...

Thank You for updating babe It is hard sometimes to see on skype but these pictures show how much he is changing. I Love You and Kai and miss you lots.

Andrea said...

cute pics. I can't wait to meet your little guy in person. I keep meaning to call you but my house sold and we are moving to Harriman in a week so maybe after the move we can get together.

Chari said...

Yippie for the cute pics and updates! We need to get together Kami! I didn't even know you were here until last week! I'm a loser :(