Sunday, July 26, 2009

Spanish Fork Rodeo!

Nalani was out of town this week on a business trip so Jed invited me to go with their family to the Spanish Fork rodeo. I figured Kai wouldn't truly appreciate a rodeo yet so I left him home with my parents.

Jed and his partner in crime cheesin it up for the camera. Cash makes such goofy faces sometimes! It cracks me up!
Cash enjoyed the rodeo for all of about 15 minutes then he just wanted to get down and play. They only problem was that we were packed into the stadium like sardines so there was no opportunity to run around. It then turned into a game of "how to distract Cash!" First we tried Red Vines and that lasted for about 10 minutes!
He even tried to share the gooey end with me! Thanks Cash!
The Cash played peek-a-boo inside Jed's shirt which actually lasted about a half hour! Too bad Jed's shirt is officially stretched out to the max now! My only fear in doing this is that he would one day try this with Nalani's shirt and he would end up flashing everyone!

Then Cash tried his hardest to see if he could poke Jed's eyes out, or pull his nose off, or pull his ears off. He's a determined little man!
I kinda laughed when I downloaded all my pictures to my computer because they were all of Cash and about two of the rodeo! Cash is way more fun to look at then any stupid rodeo anyways!

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Phil said...

Yep....the pictures of Jed and Cash are cute. But if your Grandpa Bell ever heard you call a rodeo "stupid" you would be in big trouble!

Uncle Phil