Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Ben in the crowd

Where's Waldo...I mean Ben?
I was hoping Ben would have a chance to write a little something but his internet has been really slow lately so it's hard for him to add to the blog.

You have serious mad skills if you can find him in this one! I think he's the one leaning on the barrier with his hands crossed.

He's not in this picture but I think it's awesome how President Obama is not only shaking hands but hugging everyone as well!


Ben said...

Ok here is the scoop I was called into my Commanders office and I was selected to go with people at the Company to meet someone "Important". At the time I was watching the news and knew that the President was in Turkey but it didn't cross my mind until I started thinking about it. Any way we were suppose to be there at 630 pm but we went early and we hung out outside for a while. We saw General( Four Star) Odeirno leave the building in his vehicle. We then went inside one of Saddam,s palaces it was amazing in there. There was a huge Chandeler hanging from the ceiling and artwork marbel everywhere. it was also positioned on a man-made pond. You had to cross a bridge to get inside. Eventually we went inside. We were one of the first people there so we all stood by the gate line next to the stage. Then it started getting crowded in there. It was like a concert, everyone was pushing everyone trying to get the best spot. We must have stood there for about an hour. The Army Band was also playing but no one could here what. When General Odierno came back he finally announced we would see the President. When he first came in he went to the back of the room shaking peoples hands. You could tell where he was by the big microphone following him. Eventually he got to the front and there was a huge roaring and cheering. When he got on stage I barely remembered what he said I was taking pictures for someone the whole time. He was saying that it was time fir the Iraqis to take over the government and us to withdraw. He also said that he is going to take care of military families and veterans to ensure that they get what they are entitled too. He then went to every Soldier on stage and shook his or her hand. Then he started on the crowd it was a mad house. When he came to me I shook his hand and gave him a hug and He said "I appreciate everything that you do" and I said thank you sir. I was very awww struck by the whole experience. After that he left and then we left. I really want to go back to the palace and take pictures. I will be getting some pictures soon but I hope my story will suffice for now.

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