Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Kai Videos!

This first video is my new favorite!  Ben is on the computer talking to Kai through Skype so Kai can see a live picture while Ben talks to him.  I think Kai is convinced that the computer is his dad!  Every morning when I open the computer and Kai hears Skype ringing he gets really excited!  It's so fun to see him smile and coo and Ben!  
In this video Kai is showing off all his funny old man faces that he loves to make!  I say old man because it looks like he forgot to put his dentures in!  The poor boy still only has one little tooth barely poking through!


Cameron Family said...

What a cutie! So sweet listening to Ben talk to him....Wow! It made me cry! I am SO emotional! :)

marysfam said...


Chari said...

How cute is that? Kai looks so happy to see his dad, even if it is on the computer! I'm sure you guys miss him dearly :(

Ben said...

thanks for all the comments I miss everyone dearly, and Im glad Kai still recognizes me. I cant wait to see him again. I love watching these videos