Sunday, December 21, 2008

My big fat update!

This past month has been a crazy whirl-wind vacation!  Ben leaves for Iraq in January so we had one last hoorah before he leaves.  Here are some random pictures from our trip!  This first picture is the HUGE Christmas tree they have in the entrance of Disneyland.  It was amazing!!!

This is "It's a Small World" from the outside.  They light up every square inch!!!  
Mele Kalikimaka everyone!  I was so excited when I saw this sign!
Awwww...Ben in front of the Disney Princess Castle!
After Disneyland we headed to Ben's sister's house for Thanksgiving.  Kai was entertained all week by his cousins.
And loved on by his Aunt Barbara and Uncle Ray!
This was on the USS Midway downtown San Diego.  It's a retired Navy ship that the public can tour through.  It was so cool!  If anyone has plans to travel to San Diego, I highly recommend this!
You can't go to San Diego without going to Sea World!  Here is Shamu showing us his mad skills!  
We had to sit right down front and center to get the best view possible...even if it meant getting a little wet!
One other thing that is a "must do" in San Diego is going to my favorite restaurant of all time, La Fiesta!  They have the best mexican food ever!  Below is a picture of Ben in a food coma!  We both ate so much we were sick!
Awwwww...yummy!!!  This picture kind of makes me drool just looking at it!  I want more!!!
After San Diego we headed for Vegas.  I decided I am not a big fan of Vegas but the shows were tons of fun!  The picture below is the stage at Stomp Out Loud.  I wish I could have gotten some picture of them performing but they would have hauled me out of the theater so I refrained!  The show was a ton of fun but major sensory overload!  I think my eyeballs were spinning by the time we left!
We also saw the Blue Man Group.  The show was awesome but they still kinda freak me out.  I was praying through the whole show that they wouldn't walk up to me and start staring at me.  They are just too creepy for me!
This is by far my favorite picture of the trip!!!  Ben flew home from Utah but Kai and I flew to Seattle for a few days to visit Grandma and Grandpa.  Maile decided she didn't want to miss out on any fun so she drove up from Portland to see us.  Quinn spent the whole weekend smothering Kai.  It was hillarious!  We even managed to get a smile out of Cannon!  I've decided that Cannon is adorable but only when he wants to be!
Ben was so excited to have us back home again that he greeted us both with a lei!  Kai thought his was really tasty!

We are finally back home again but only for a few more weeks.  Ben leaves the first week of January for Iraq.  The day after Ben leaves, Kai and I head to Utah to live with Nalani and Jed.  It should be an adventurous year!  Everyone please keep Ben in your prayers!  Merry Christmas Everyone!


Karen said...

Oh, gosh. These babies are all getting so big! He is so cute. Love the pic with Quinn and Cannon. We definitely will keep Ben in our prayers.

Aunt Karen

THE SKIS said...

Oh my great pics... Quinn and Cannon are adorable i love that pic. And oh my Kai is just getting so big I miss him so much. I have you both in my prayers and I love you!

Mrs. B said...

Ben will be in our prayers, too. Have a happy Christmas and give Kai a hug and snuggle from his Idaho family.

Simon Tribe -ooh ha haa said...

Fun pictures Kami!!! Kai is super cute!!!!

JEM said...

We went to the USS Midway when we went to San Diego in July. It really was awesome! Fun pics... okay, Miss Utah, we need to play!

Audrey Simon said...

I'm so jealous that you saw STOMP! We were in Vegas over new year and had planned on seeing a show (never happened) but that was one of the ones I'd wanted to see! Also, I'm totally with you on the whole vegas thing - it's not for me. LOL I'm bummed that Brian and I never got a chance to talk with you the other night! :( If you come up here for Christmas we should plan on getting together. I hope all is well with you and the family - our prayers are with Ben for a safe deployment.