Sunday, March 23, 2008

Favorite Vacation Pics

Here are some of my favorite pictures from my recent trip to see my family and friends!

My friends threw a surprise baby shower for me and it was SO fun!
Totally cute puppy set!
Thanks Chari...way cute!
Nalani, mom and me...just missing Maile!
The cute little chunker Cash...believe it or not he is just a few days old in this pic!
Awww...proud grandpa!
My snuggle time with Cash!
Uncle Cody!
Grandma flew in a few days early so she wouldn't miss out on anything!
I gave Melissa some sewing lessons...
She is a born natural!


nalani said...

Come back!!!!! Ben has seen you for long enough. It's time you come back and party in Utah!

Pat & Carl said...

I felt badly that I couldn't attend your shower! It was wonderful seeing you again. Can't wait for another little boy baby, so you'll have to be sure to send lots of photos when that time comes. (Aunt Pat)

AmyAllen said...

It was good to see you while you were here! I can't wait to see your litte one!

Cameron Family said...

Goo Times! The next time you come, I will need you to come to my house. I need curtain, accesories, blankets, and well...maybe a sewing lesson so I can do it myself.

Pat & Carl said...

Kami--if you're going to make it more work to look at your blog you need to update more often!!!