Saturday, December 15, 2007

Last weekend my friend Amanda and I participated in a local craft fair. This is us in our booth modeling and showing off some of the stuff we were selling.
I made a bunch of receiving blankets bundled with matching burp clothes.
I also made some funky half aprons for cooking or crafting.
This is one of the wreaths that my friend Amanda made.
It was kind of a weird craft fair so we didn't sell very many items but we still had fun doing it. At least my mom took pitty on me and bought a bunch of the blankets off me to give away as baby presents.


Melissa said...

Looks like fun.... shoot, I'll buy some baby burp cloths too!! It's great gift idea and maybe i'll need them sometime in the next 10 years!! You are so talented!!

Cameron Family said...

I should do the same! How much are they going for? Can I also say....FINALLY a blog update! I look all the time and nothing and then I get SO disappointed! So can I officailly say....WELCOME BACK TO BLOGGER!