Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Here are three very good reasons why I have not updated my blog lately...

Reason Number 1:

We moved into our new place and boxes are everywhere! Take note of the snowboard...who goes snowboarding in Hawaii???

Reason Number 2:

This is our very hyper new addition to the family! He is a 4 month old Chihuahua / Fox Terrier mix will all the energy in the world!

Reason Number 3:

Our new cat that thinks he rules the house! Who are we trying to fool...he does rule the house! If he does get what he wants he bawls like a baby until he does!
So I know by know you all think we are crazy for getting a dog and a cat but I had to promise Ben he could get a cat if he would let me have a dog! It's all about compromise!!!


nalani said...

I'm so proud of you for updating. The dog is cute.....the cat can go though! HA! HA!

Maile said...

That dog is freak'n cute and i'm agreeing with Nalani, no cat is cute.

Pat & Carl said...

Okay, quit playing with the pets and update again...!

AmyAllen said...

I really think that all of those reasons were really poor excuses. Show is all the fun things you are doing in dreamy Hawaii!

Richard & Sharon said...

The only dogs that were ever cute were PJ and Killer. As for cats--there is no useful purpose for them being on the earth! Sorry Ben! Am I still your favorite Mother-in-law?